Palo Alto Remembered

Book Specifications:

Author:         Matt Bowling

Pub. date:    May 6, 2012

Publisher:     Palo Alto Historical

Association (PAHA)

Details:         208 pages, soft bound

43 stories

220 images (B/W)

Printed by:    Omega Printing

Palo Alto, CA

ISBN:            978-0-9638098-0-3

Price:            $25 plus tax

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Table of Contents (PDF)

Sample Story: "A Delivery from the Past: Palo Alto's Milkmen" (PDF)

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Press Reviews:

Gentry Magazine, May 2012 (PDF)

PA Daily POST, May 4, 2012 (PDF)

PA Daily POST, May 7, 2012 (PDF)

PA Weekly, June 29, 2012 (online)


by Matt Bowling,

Palo Alto Remembered: Stories from a City's Past made its public debut May 6, 2012. Published by the Palo Alto Historical Association, the book is a collection of lively accounts of Palo Alto’s past.

Palo Alto Remembered i s a different kind of history book. As Steve Staiger, PAHA historian says, “It is a collection of tasty treats rather than a full-course meal.” The 43 stories are not intended as a sequential history of Palo Alto, rather they highlight individual events and personalities that have made up the special character of the city. Bowling is a skillful story teller who brings alive the people and happenings he chronicles.

The stories cover landmarks such as early restaurants, Winter Lodge skating, Fourth of July celebrations, the Hotel de Zink; the closing of Cubberley High School; such conflicts as Japanese internment, the Oregon Expressway, the 1967 Recall Election and more; and personalities like Birge Clark, JFK as a student at Stanford, Russel V. A. Lee, and Police Chief Jim Zurcher. Many of the stories previously appeared in the Palo Alto Daily News, 2007–2008. All are illustrated with photos from the PAHA archives, open sources and private collections with permission.

Palo Alto Remembered retails for $25 plus tax: it can be purchased from PAHA board members, from  PAHA Historian, Steve Staiger, and at PAHA meetings as well as from local stores .

"A delightful miscellany of Palo Alto anecdotes and history... Matt Bowling's new book is pleasingly comprehensive. The layout is attractive, the historic photographs are clearly reproduced on good paper, and this, the first book of substance on Palo Alto history to be published in many years, is flying off our shelves in record quantities."                               — Faith Bell , of Bell's Books, Palo Alto

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