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The Palo Alto Historical Association (PAHA)

i s a non-profit organization that ​works to collect, preserve and make available to the public information about the history of Palo Alto through programs and newsletters, publications and digital resources.

In addition, the association maintains the Palo Alto Guy Miller Archives, a collection of films, videos, oral histories, photos, records, letters and ephemera. At present 12,000 historic photos are  digitized with over 3,000 currently on PAHA's website. The archives, located at the , are open to the public. All images reproduced in Palo Alto Remembered , unless specifically noted in the book, are from these archives.

PAHA invites readers' interest and participation—to find out more about the association's activities and programs, review the list of publications, pursue an interest in local history scholarship, or becom e a member, visit .